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Babydolls Agogo Walking Street Pattaya

Babydolls A GoGo Pattaya:  

Nestled on the end of Soi 15 just off Walking Street, Baby Dolls is the perfect boys night out. Low priced drinks, Nibbles (of many kinds!) and some of the world’s most beautiful girls dancing for you. The music pumps but not too loud so you can speak with your friends or maybe a hostess or two. The girls gyrate, mostly clothed but occasionally an article of clothing falls off due to the heat, a gust of air or perhaps the whim of its manager. The atmosphere is very, very friendly. You can buy them a drink and it makes them so happy that they will often do a special dance, just for you. One of the best A-GoGo Bars in Pattaya… so now you know… enjoy!

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